Saturday, March 29, 2008

As Herman drove, he realized he couldn't see clearly at all. Why did I drink so much? he asked himself, thinking of the five tequila shots downed with several successive beers. He only had to drive home eight blocks, but it was beginning to feel like sixteen. As he continued to drive, he realized he had passed his house. Time to turn around, he thought. Hopefully I'll make it home. As he turned into someone's driveway, he noticed a blur of motion in front of his car.

When he got out, he realized he had run over a little girl. The smell of death was enough to make him retch, bend over, and begin to vomit.

(originally posted on just wanted some content, so I threw it up over here [haha "threw it up"])

Friday, March 28, 2008

"So he's finally done it!"

Yes, I started my blog today. Finally. Those of you who are reading this may be close to me, and you already know that I've been meaning to start a blog of short stories mixed with personal thoughts, journal entries, and visual art. Well here it is, and it's gonna begin soon.

Expect updates every Friday, if not more often.