Sunday, August 3, 2008

So I made it to Eugene! I'm still in one piece and I've given myself some new guidelines on which to live.
  1. I will update this regularly. Every Wednesday and Sunday sound good to me. It'll be like my own private church, in a manner of thinking.
  2. There is no number two.
  3. I'm writing three pages a day minimum for my book. This will give me a good rough draft three months from now, which is exactly where I need to be with that right now, before the ideas fall out of my head from disuse.
  4. I won't drive my car unless absolutely necessary. This presents two positives: I'll get in shape AND I won't be contributing so much to pollution and the toxicification (did I just make that word up? cool) of the planet.
  5. Who cares about quitting smoking.
There should be a real update on Wednesday, unless I die semi-tragically.